The Catholic University of America

  • Student Organization Community Service Hours

    During each academic year every registered student organization is encouraged to complete at least 50 hours of community service as a group.

  • How to Get Credit for Completing your Service Hours

    1. Identify your service project
    2. Coordinate your membership participating
    3. Complete the Service Verification Form
    4. Take the completed form with you to your service project and have someone at the site sign to verify after completing your service
    5. Bring completed and signed form to the OCA office

  • Primary Methods of Completing the Service Hours

    Pre-approved Campus Ministry Service Opportunities

    Campus Ministry has a number of weekly and seasonal service opportunities that can accommodate a student organization. For more information on one of these pre-approved projects, please visit the Organizing a Group Service Project link on the right.

    Create your own Group Service Project

    Your organization may want to create a group service project that fits more closely with your organization mission. This is highly encouraged as group community service is most successful when connected to your organization mission. If you woud like assistance in developing your own community service project, first visit the "Organizing a Group Service Project" link on the right and feel free to contact Campus Ministry at Campus Ministry staff would be happy to help you develop a project of your own.

  • Stipulations/Guidelines

    • Approximately 50% of an organizations active membership are encouraged to participate in the community service project together. Please use your best judgement to determine what "Active Membership" would mean for your organization. Every organization is different and if you need assistance in determining what your active membership would be please contact OCA.
    • Each organization will receive credit for each hour completed by each member who is present for the group project. For example a 5 hour project with 10 members would fulfill the entire 50 hour requirement.
    • Each organization must submit a completed Organization Service Verification Form after the completion of the service.
  • Examples of Service Hours that will be counted

    • Direct unpaid service to agencies, non-profit organizations, churches, schools, health-care facilities or community groups
    • Direct unpaid service to individuals in need who are not related to you, such as elderly neighbors, school children, or persons with disabilities
    • Unpaid time spent performing indirect service, such as organizing service projects, planning fundraisers, or educational activities to benefit organizations that serve the disadvantaged, the Church, or the community
    • Pro-bono professional service
    • Unpaid time spent participating in fund-raising events for organizations that serve those less fortunate, the Church, or the community, such as sales, phone banks, or sponsored walks/runs
  • How to Check Your Organization's Status

    Service Hours are tracked in the OCA office. Any student staff member can check how many hours have been logged for your group. Simply visit our office, call us, or even gchat us at for assistance.

    Please note that there is a Service Hours section on your organization Nest page but this has nothing to do with the service requirement. This section is for individual students to track their personal service hours in relation to a specific student organization for inclusion on their Co-Curricular Transcript.

  • Questions

    Contact the Office of Campus Activities at or in 125 Pryz for more information about what is required.