The Catholic University of America

Air Travel

When air travel is the best option for your team or group leaders to travel to a competition or conference, please follow one of the following options (based on the number of people traveling). Contact OCA if you have any questions throughout this process.

Online Reservations - For an individual traveling alone or a small group of individuals traveling together, your organization is more than welcome to use the OCA university travel credit cards on websites or airline websites to book air travel. If you are interested in using this method be sure to note the details below:

  • Submit a purchase request detailing how many flights you wish to reserve, including dates, airports, flight numbers, and airlines as well as full names and birthdates of all travelers. OCA will approve your purchase request and reserve the flights within 3 business days. Please be aware that flight prices may fluctuate in this time. 
  • If you prefer to choose flights and book them based on current prices and availability, submit your purchase request with all details and specify a time/date you are available to come into OCA to reserve the flights with a university travel credit card. 
  • Forward all flight reservation receipts to

Group Airline Reservations - Many airlines provide special rates to groups of 10 or more. Research flight prices as you would normally for individual flights to select the flights that work for your times and locations. Then contact the Group Sales division of the airline. They will provide you with a quote that will expire after a determined time period. Submit that as a purchase request immediately to ensure that OCA can book the travel before it expires.

If you are interested in using this process note the following:

  • You MUST tell them that in addition to you making changes that Megan Reilly must also be listed as a person who is authorized make changes and get information about the group agreement.
  • Once you receive the group travel information from the airline, review the trip itinerary and prices IMMEDIATELY. Often times group travel agreements have deadlines that leave very little time for processing and require immediate review.
  • Please note that same day booking is often not possible with group airline reservations, and 2-3 weeks is requested, but OCA will be flexible and work hard to meet the airline's deadline, as long as you submit the paperwork immediately.

Train Travel

If you are travelling within a distance that can be reached by train, follow the same process as the Online Reservations process for air travel. 

Bus Travel

If you are travelling within a distance that can be reached by bus, follow the same process as the Online Reservations process for air or train travel. 

If your team or organization would like to rent an entire bus for a tournament, competition, or other student organization related travel, please complete the Transportation Request Form