The Catholic University of America

Local Vehicle Rental Options & Rates for Student Organizations

CU has coordinated discounted rates and rental agreements with NextCar rental company in Wheaton, MD. These must be requested through the Nest form (link at the bottom of this page) and booked by an OCA staff member. Please provide at least 3 business days prior to the rental for review and booking, although earlier is better to ensure availability.

Enterprise is no longer an option for rentals as they have changed their policies and do not allow for drivers under 25

NextCar of Wheaton 
10915 Georgia Avenue
Wheaton, MD 20902

Please be aware of the following policies for each of these locations:

  • All drivers must complete the CU Vehicle Certification Process
  • All drivers must be at least 18 to drive the vehicles
  • Nextcar does allow for after hours return, so you do not need to pay for an additional day if you need to return it late
  • Payment will be coordinated directly with OCA and the company, and you will see it reflected in your Nest account within 2-3 business days

The following approximate DAILY rates are available for student organizations: (does not include rental fees)

Compact Car $30.00
Standard Size Car $33.00
Full Size Car $40.00
Regular SUV (eg. Traverse - Seats 7) $65.00

XL SUV (eg. Suburban - Seats 8)

**Only available to drivers over 21

Minivan $60.00
12 Passenger Van $115.00
Pickup Truck $45.00
Cargo Van $55.00



Traffic Violations in Rental Vehicles

If you are driving a rented vehicle and you get pulled over for a traffic violation or caught on a speeding or red light camera, the driver will be held individually responsible. However, since the university credit card on file with a rental vehicle is automatically charged in the case of camera tickets, these funds will automatically be taken from the organization's fundraised account. If this happens, the leaders of the organization and the driver whose name is on the reservation will be given the choice to allow the use of money from the organization's fundraised account to pay the fee or make you pay individually for your ticket. If an individual decides to pay the ticket, the amount of the ticket must be paid to OCA and it will be deposited into the fundraised account to cover the prior loss. If you have any questions about tickets incurred on student organization travel, please contact to set up a time to discuss.