The Catholic University of America

Gift Cards

The University does not allow the purchase of gift cards or gift certificates directly from an outside vendor to be used as prizes, giveaways, or compenstation under any circumstances. We do however have an internal process that will allow student groups to distribute Visa Gift Cards as prizes for events or gifts for individuals. If you are interested in having gift cards, please read the following stipulations.


  • Gift Cards on hand only come in increments of $10, $25, and $50. Other increments may be available, but would likely require advance notice of at least 2 weeks. Multiple gift cards can be combined to meet your desired amount.
  • Gift Cards can never be provided as compenstation for employment of any kind. They can be offered as awards for outstanding service or prizes for an event or other accomplishment.
  • Gift Cards will not be available at the event as they must be distributed directly from the Office of Campus Activities directly to the student who is receiving the prize. Winners at an event must be notified that they will be contacted by OCA with instructions for picking up their gift cards.

If you would like to utitlize gift cards for a purpose that meets the above stipulations, please type up a list of each winner along with their email address and the amount of the gift card(s) that they should win and attach it to a completed Purchase Request on The Nest. You will be contacted along with the winners by OCA when the gift cards are ready to be picked up.

For help on how to complete a Purchase Request please see our instructions on How to complete a Purchase Request.