The Catholic University of America

Hotel Reservations 

Direct Hotel Reservation

Most hotels will allow you to book rooms with them directly allowing you to cancel the reservation up until a day or two before check-in. When making direct hotel reservations, please consider the following:

  • If you call the hotel directly to setup your reservation, you can use the "Over the Phone Credit Card Orders" section of the Online Finance Guide to process the payment. Please note that if you do this you will need to provide a credit card to hold the reservation. Confirm with the hotel that they will not charge the card until check out to be sure you will not be charged for the room. 
  • If you setup the reservation through the hotel's direct website, you can use the "Online Orders" section of the Online Finance Guide.
  • Once the reservation is set up either over the phone by your organization or by OCA, the OCA staff will contact the hotel and provide them with a University Credit Card to replace the one that was used to hold the room.
  • Your group is responsible for collecting the receipt from the hotel upon checkout and returning it to OCA as soon as possible (within 1 business day). You can also email (or ask the hotel to email) an electronic copy of the receipt to
  • This method is not the best method to use if you are reserving a room for an outside guest like a performer or lecturer due to possible complications with the credit card being held on file.

Travel Website (Orbitz,, Expedia, etc.)

If you would prefer to use a travel website to book your room(s) because you have found a better rate or other reasons, you can simply follow the steps in the "Online Orders" section of the Online Finance Guide. There are a few things to consider when using this process:

  • This method is generally non-refundable and reservations are generally unable to be cancelled. However, some websites like Expedia will note when a room has free cancellation and when the last day to cancel may be (usually 24 or 48 hours before check-in).
  • This is the preferred method to use if you are reserving a room for an outside guest like a performer or lecturer as the reservation is confirmed and paid in advance. 
  • This may be the best option for traveling with a group to a conference or event out of town as it can be confirmed and paid in advance.