The Catholic University of America

In-Person Shopping

Complete a Purchase Request on The Nest indicating the date that you would like to pick up the university credit card to go shopping. Credit cards will only be provided for the date of purchase. If you need to change your date of request, please contact OCA as soon as possible. Once confirmed, your card is available for pickup after noon on the requested day. The card is due back by noon the next business day unless special arrangements are made. If you pick up the card on a Friday, please note that our office closes at 5pm (not 7pm as every other day of the week) and is due by noon on Monday.

Some things to note:

  • You will be receive an email when your purchase request has been "approved," which lets you know that a credit card will be available for you on the date that you requested. 
  • All original receipts from your purchased must be turned in at the same time when you return the card to the office. If you did not receive a receipt for a purchase, tell the OCA Consultant where you shopped and approximately how much you spent at that retailer when you return the card.
  • Be as accurate as possible in the purchase request about what you plan to purchase, where you plan to shop, and how much you plan to spend. While that is flexible, there may be specific regulations that we will tell you about when you pick up the card based on what you tell us in your request. 
  • Remember to use the tax exempt certificate that will be given to you when you pick up the card from OCA. If you do not get a tax exempt certificate, ask upon checkout if you can give them the tax exempt ID number. The number for VA, DC, and MD are listed on the card itself. 

For help on how to complete a Purchase Request please see our instructions on How to complete a Purchase Request.