The Catholic University of America

Online Orders

When purchasing supplies and goods for your organization, you may want to place an order via an online retailer. If that is the case, doing this through OCA will allow your order to be tax exempt. 

Option One: If you are just ordering a few items from a retailer such as Amazon, submit a purchase request with the links or item numbers of each item you plan to purchase along with quantities or other details (sizes, colors, etc.). We will contact you if we have any questions in ordering. You may also take a screenshot of the items you have put in your cart, but links to carts generally show just an empty cart when opened. Please allow 2-3 business days plus time for shipping when submitting purchase requests. 

Option Two: If your order is a little more complex and you would prefer to put in the order yourself, you can submit a purchase request with a general overview of what you plan to purchase and indicate in the details section that you would like to come into OCA to put the order in yourself. We have accounts with many online retailers that allow your purchases to be tax exempt, eligible for free shipping, or to use credits or other discounts. You can use one of the computers in the office and a staff member can help you login to our accounts. Once you have filled your cart, someone will provide you with a university credit card when you are ready to checkout. 

Option Three: If you have a special account for an organization specific purchase, you can submit a purchase request with the website and your organization's login and password. An OCA staff member can then go into your account and pay for whatever is in your cart (please specify what that is in the purchase request so we can verify we are purchasing the right things). 


For help on how to complete a Purchase Request please see our instructions on How to complete a Purchase Request