The Catholic University of America

Paying for Services: Rentals and Speaker Payments

If the vendor is a speaker/performer (including bands, DJs, dance groups, or lecturers):

Step One:

Complete the Standard Performance Contract (for speakers) or the Independent Contractor Agremeent (for performers). There are several fields that you must fill out including date and time of performance, how much you are paying them, and how late either party can cancel. Make sure all fields are completed.

Step Two:

Send completed agreement to the performer or speaker and have them sign and return it to you.

Step Three:

If they have never worked with the university before, have them also complete the Vendor Application Form for external vendors. 

Step Four:

Submit a purchase request on the Nest from the account you would like to use to pay the vendor. Make sure to attach the vendor application form (if applicable) an whichever contract applies. If the vendor also provides you with an invoice, include that as well. 

Please Note:

Individual or groups contracted by the University through this process are only able to be paid via check, which can take 2-3 weeks from time of submission. Please allow for this time period. 

Any contracts submitted after the event cannot be paid by the University. 

Students MAY NOT under any circumstances sign a contract on behalf of the university. 

If you are renting equipment or supplies that will be returned to the vendor: 

Step One:

Reach out to the vendor of your choice and ask for a quote for the items/equipment you plan to rent. Make sure the quote includes any terms and conditions. Ask if the vendor accepts credit card payment. 

Note: If the amount is over $2500, it is best to collect up to three quotes from different vendors to compare costs. Submit all quotes gathered in your purchase request and explain which one you are selecting and why. 

Step Two:

Submit a purchase request on the Nest from the account you would like to use to pay the vendor. Attach the quote to the purchase request. Include preferred method of payment and any forms needed to pay via credit card if possible. 

Please Note:

All rental agreements must be submitted at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the event or deadline for payment. Anything submitted after that cannot be guaranteed and may be denied by the University. 

If the vendor is a student or employee of the University: 

The University cannot pay students or employees for additional services via non-monetary gifts or University-issued gift cards. In order to compensate a student or employee that provides a service to a student organization, that organization must hire the individual or complete a contract.