The Catholic University of America

How to Complete a Travel Expense Report

Please follow these steps to complete the Travel Expense Report for all travel related reimbursments. To assist with completing this form please refer to Student Organization Online Finance Guide.

Travel Dates: Include all dates of travel, even if nothing was purchased on those dates.

Traveler's Name: Include the person's full legal name. 

Campus Address: If the traveler does not live on campus, write their off-campus mailing address instead. If they live on campus, include residence hall and room number.

Chartfield: Leave this part blank. OCA will complete it with your organization's account number.

Business Purpose of Travel: Reason for travel - if this was a tournament, conference, or competition, include the name of the event and the organization who sponsored it.

Attached Organized Receipts: Fill in the chart with applicable charges by date across the top of the table. Do not change any of the totals in the yellow "Total" boxes as these will autopopulate.

Personal Auto: If you are driving a rented vehicle, you can be reimbursed for gas. If you are driving your personal automobile, you can be reimbursed for mileage at the rate of $0.53 per mile. Complete the table under "Personal Auto" with the date, destination, and origin. Then map this route on Google Maps or another map service, attach a copy of those instructions, and complete the column with the number of miles each direction. If you paid for gas and your organization only wants to reimburse you for that amount, indicate that this is a "Partial Reimbursement" and we will only reimburse you up to the amount spent on gas. The mileage is often a much higher reimbursement and many organizations do not want to spend that much money to reimburse for travel costs.

Meals: If you are being reimbursed for travel meals, fill out the table under "Personal Travel Meals" and complete the "Date" and "Cost" columns. In the "Meal" column, write Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner to categorize each meal. These are based on per person rates, so if you are reimbursing meals, please also include an attenance list.

Signature: Have the traveler sign and date the form (can be typed) and save and attach the form to your purchase request.