The Catholic University of America

General Student Organization Forms

Below is a list of general student organization forms you may need throughout the year.

Trips Forms

Registration Form for Sponsored CUA Student Trips - This form must be completed anytime a student organization goes on a trip

Emergency Contact Information - All participants must complete the "Additional Information" section of their Nest Profile

Off-Campus Waiver - All participants must complete this form


Student Organization Registration

To Re-Register your group visit your organization Nest Page and click on the "Register" link. If this link is not available your organization is not eligible to register at this time.

All recognized student organizations must register each year to maintain their active status. The registration process for each academic year is expected to be completed before the beginning of the newacademic year. Any student organizations who do not complete their registration by the end of the first week of fall semester classes will lose their active status and will no longer be able to process financial transactions, reserve campus space, or be listed in the student organization directory until they complete the registration process.

If your organization was once active on the Nest, but has since become inactive and you are unable to gain access to the old Nest page for your group, please contact OCA for assistance in re-registering your group.

Brand New Student Organization Registration - Only use if your organization has NEVER been on The Nest and you have been approved for Step 3 in the process for starting a new organization.

Treasury Forms

The following forms can be used by undergraduate student organizations and other groups who are utilizing Treasury Board funding.

Funding Request Forms

Operating Budgets and Funding Requests are submitted through your organization's page on The Nest. Go here for details on how to submit a Funding Request.

Make an appointment to present to the Treasury Board on the SGA Facebook page by clicking on "Treasury Appointment" and filling out the form.